Prototype 2.0.5 Released, The Super XP/Prestige/Staff Update

released prototype version 2.0.5 publicly, this game is a Game Maker Studio exe file.


Combat update is SERIOUSLY almost finished, but meanwhile, heres another greater update :)

Devs, aka me and the others moderating the game, can set people as mod, which allows them to temp-ban/kick/mute people :). They won't have ban perms though. It'll be great to have a bigger staff team :)

More importantly, The max level is now 50, and after that you 'prestige to level 1' and get a prestige level, increasing your hp by 2000, faster breaking, extra 'hp regen' and automatic xp collection.

Oh yeah, 'hp regen'.  All players will now heal a certain amount of health, that gets faster and faster as your health gets higher, a percentage of your health healed every 1/10 of a second.

Xp is buffed a bit too, should be much easier to grind xp now :)


PenguintopiaV2005.exe 3 MB
Jul 28, 2017

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