Prototype Released, The Combat Update!

released prototype version publicly, this game is a Game Maker Studio exe file.


Just bug fixes, combat update isn't fully done yet, I'll be doing a full part 2 of a combat update tomorrow.

Small combat features, including:

Slimes will spawn occasionally in your world, dealing 10 damage per collision tick and will paralyze you for 5 seconds. AI is not fully done and is buggy, will be patched in a couple of days/weeks.

Spikes were buffed extremely as above to do 5 damage per collision tick, killing you in the matter of 3 seconds.

Most importantly, your spawn location will have a SAVE/LOAD area at the top, that saves all your data including world data and player data.

FYI: 1 server-tick is 1/2 seconds and 1 tick is 1/10 seconds


(PTY-Alpha)PenguintopiaV20041.exe 3 MB
Jul 02, 2017
ChangelogsV2004.txt 1 kB
Jul 02, 2017

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