Prototype 2.0.4 Released, The XP Update Part 2

released prototype version 2.0.3 publicly, this game is a Game Maker Studio exe file.


Lots more of bug fixes

XP system buffed, After the last update, giving 20 health for such hard mining work was bad, so at lv 5 you get +40 health and lv 10 +70 health when you level up, and blocks give more xp when you break them, ie) a better buff for breaking rarer blocks like diamonds and iron.

Player shops are currently in the making and can be tested right now. It'll be added very soon as well as a economy system fully in action and displayed in the top right corner of the map.


(PTY-Alpha)PenguintopiaV2004.exe 3 MB
Jul 02, 2017

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